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Nephew’s Home and a Hair Change

11 Dec

I’ll keep this short and sweet!

Great news: the little munchkin is home, so he’ll be OK!

On another note, my sis straightened and trimmed my hair! IIWTBPH, I’d tell you that I don’t expect it to keep looking good for long. But, again, I’m not being painfully honest, so I ain’t sayin’ no such thing!

Here’s a pic!

Truly Yours,

Kristel Klear


Me and hubby’s nephew

11 Dec

I’d gone to visit my DH’s nephew in the hospital this afternoon. He had a stomach virus, (vomiting, diarrhea and a tiny bit of blood in his urine). However, he’s feeling better and will go home on Monday.

IIWTBPH, I’d say that his mother (hubby’s sister) isn’t entirely fit to be a mother! But…I’m not being painfully honest, so I’m not saying that! I mean, if you’re too lazy to heat the water when making his formula, at least use bottled water instead of tap! I could go on and on with examples of her failure as a mom, but other posts will get into that.

By the way, I’m not saying that this was the direct cause of his sickness, but why would you take such a risk?!

He just turned 5 months today, and he’s getting so big! He’s one of my special little angels and I love him so much! Here’s a pic of he and I at the hospital today. And yes, I’m still up! I put the phone on the charger.

Truly Yours,

Kristel Klear

Being Honest

11 Dec

It’s 3:30 am and I’m still up. That seems to have become a trend lately. The problem is: I never seem to catch up! I absolutely lost the fine art of sleeping during the day! It’s OK for now, because I’m not working until January, but I hope to have it resolved by then.

If I were to be painfully honest, I’d say that it’s my Blackberry/Twitter/Internet-in-General addiction that’s causing it. But…I’m not being painfully honest, so I’m not saying that!

I do, however, curb my use to when my husband isn’t around, when he’s sleeping or when he’s otherwise occupied (like watching a soccer game or doing Sudoku puzzles in MY Sudoku book that MY aunt got me as a gift!)

IIWTBPH (If I were to be painfully honest), I’d say I love that he and I share the love of Sudoku, and that it brings us a little closer together. But…I’m not being painfully honest, so I’m not saying that! However, I realize that I’m gonna have to gift him with some of his own books this Christmas so he can lay off mine!

He’s currently snoring away next to me. We’re sleeping over at my sister’s apartment, because her husband is away for 2 weeks at POLICE training camp! Yeah, he’s gonna be a police officer! I’m so happy for them! But, she’s a little lonely, so I came to visit her in the city for a few days. DH is working tomorrow, so she and I will have the day to ourselves and get to do girly stuff!

Now, it’s almost 4 am, so I’ll really need to go. IIWTBPH, I’d say that my battery’s almost dead and that’s the reason why I’m signing off. But…I’m not being painfully honest, so I’m not saying that!

Truly Yours,

Kristel Klear

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Hello world!

10 Dec

Welcome to my WordPress blog!

I’m 31 years old, living in Suriname, working as a secretary. I’m married to a brawny firefighter and we’ve been unsuccessfully trying to start our family. Had a myomectomy (to remove fibroids) early November 2011 and also had my blocked tubes cleared. Waiting on HSG in January to determine if the tubes are still clear so we can start TTC again! Here’s a picture of us on our wedding day last April.