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Clomid’s Success…My Uterus’s Failure

28 Mar

For those not aware, the doc cancelled IUI because of a holiday on my CD13. He thought I’d ovulate on that day. Looking back, he could’ve just gone ahead with the IUI, because I didn’t ovulate until CD17!! I could’ve been pregnant now, but now I have to deal with AF, who appeared to be late…but only because I O’d late on Clomid! Two eggs gone to waste.

I’ve been emotional since I was one day “late” and today’s no different. Yesterday was the grandmaster of emotional days, as you can imagine. I get upset (rightfully so) at DH, but my tears get in the way of a simple argument! So frustrating! I wanna tear his head off but I don’t wanna cry while I’m doing it!

Today, I’ll be drinking a uterus cleanse from a lady who came highly recommended by my sister, who’s now pregnant because of that lady. I don’t know why I procrastinated to do this ’cause my sis is over 3 months pregnant now and I’m still not!

I will also be taking Clomid 100mg on days 5-9 against my husband’s wishes. I don’t want to leave anything to chance, but he feels we shouldn’t try 2 things at once. I won that argument without saying a word: a single look was enough.

In addition, I’m on an aspirin regimen for circulation and a 1-clove-of-garlic-a-day regimen for an added circulation boost. That’s the plan for this cycle.

I’m taking the rest of the day off because the cleanse will empty my bowels as well as my uterus, and no one wants to be at work on such a day (understatement). Plus, I’ll be temping this month to confirm ovulation, because I almost became a raging lunatic wondering when I’d O’d! Grrr….

I really respect the ladies who’ve been trying to have a baby for years and keep on going and going. I’ve been trying for just under 2 years and I’m about ready to lose my marbles (this isn’t a joke, by the way).

Much love and baby dust to all those wishing after a little one!

Adding a pic of my nephew who keeps me sane!

Truly Yours,

Kristel Klear