Cycle 23: Day 15: Waiting to O

11 Apr

Just to recap: I’ve been taking prenatal vitamins since sometime in the last cycle, I began with a baby aspirin regimen on CD 1, drank the detox drink on CDs 2 and 4 and began taking Evening Primrose Oil caplets from CD 6 until now. I’ve had great CM since taking the EPO and my husband and I really enjoyed the past 10 days!

Today is CD 16, but no temperature rise, so today could be O day. I’ll be surprising DH since I’m taking a half-day off today (working 7 am-11 am). He’s home off of a 24-hour shift. We will be getting busy, as the doctor ordered us to do 3 days ago.

I was sick on Easter Sunday: nausea, diarrhea, pain in the lower abdomen that I still feel today, fever and body aches. I had a slight infection somewhere, but the fever never returned, he ruled out pregnancy and a UTI and refused to prescribe medicine (I’m guessing because I was close to ovulating). I feel slightly nauseous throughout the day but the other symptoms have disappeared since Monday morning. So, it’s back to waiting and hoping… Cheers!

Truly Yours,

Kristel Klear


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