13 Sep

I had a mini-breakdown last Monday (CD 1) when I went to my doc and found out he’s gone on vacation for a month! I couldn’t take it anymore, and of course, there were babies EVERYWHERE that day! I went to my husband’s stepmother and cried and received comforting words and encouragement. I left her house relaxed and happy. The next day, I called another doc and will be switching to him at the beginning of October.

This cycle, I will be resting. No Clomid, no EPO, no nothing. I need more attention from my doc.

I’m this close to seeing a psychiatrist. I’ve got the referral in my purse. But I’ll probably hold out a little while longer…seems I need the most support on CD 1.

I’ve seen a cycle buddy go from the happiest ever to the saddest ever, because it looks like she’s miscarrying. This world is so unfair. I can’t go into it right now, because it won’t change our situations, anyway. Just so frustrated!

And tired…and sad…

Truly Yours,

Kristel Klear


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