Familiar Feelings

27 Dec

Two days after Christmas and my old friend is back…right on time. I was on a ttc hiatus since mid-September when I broke down after a failed Clomid cycle and FIVE ripe follicles! 😦 Sad times. In fact, 2012 was a sad year.

Happy too, though. I gained a nephew on September 21st. I bawled and bawled when I saw him for the first time. It was 11 days after that horrible Clomid FAIL! I loved him from that first moment until now. He’s a strong and healthy 3-month-old now and I couldn’t imagine life without him. I get a little teary when I stare at him too long sometimes. And then I hug him and kiss him until I feel better. He gobbles it all up though..what a sweetie pie! Crying is not part of his vocabulary, haha! Babysitting is a piece of cake, as a result.

My husband and I will finally lay the foundation for our new home this February. Then, it’s gearing up for IVF…hopefully by April. First, a final HSG to put hubby’s mind to rest about my wacky fallopian tubes. Along with all this new hope come the emotions. They came back today because I was secretly hoping there was a Christmas miracle growing in my belly this time.

Fitness has been keeping me pretty occupied though and I plan to use it to ease the emotions and stress that try to consume me sometimes. I’m looking forward to the new year and hope 2013 will be THE year for me!

Yours Truly, Kristel Klear


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