Last cycle before IVF 1.0

23 Jan

Yesterday was CD 1. Since my period came a little earlier than expected (before pay day) I’ll have to pay Drs. C next week and start mid-February with injections (next expected period is between 16th and 18th of February).
Doctor C was straightforward about the whole process, so D and I left the office feeling sure and optimistic!

I began taking a tablespoon of the Aloe Vera gel (safe until CD 21) in a last ditch effort to improve the condition of my Fallopian tubes. Miracles occur everyday, so…

As for my period, it was medium flow and there were some annoying cramps, so I took pain meds in the afternoon and the evening.

There are no cramps this morning, thank God. I am feeling nauseous, though, because I may have used too much creamer in my coffee. I only drink coffee during my period now, by the way. If I wasn’t menstruating, I’d swear I was pregnant…that’s how bad it is. The bleeding is heavy, which is normal for CD 2, and I’m doing ok mentally.

Off to do some work now! Thanks for reading!

Yours Truly, Kristel Klear


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